Special Projects

Crown Properties QLD are your property sales experts. We provide a complete suite of high quality services for your development project, from marketing end-to-end sales. Discuss your needs with Ian or Warwick and get started selling today.
Ian McLachlan

Ian McLachlan


Warwick Stansfield

Warwick Stansfield

Special Projects Consultant


Crown Properties QLD special projects team are your local project marketing experts. We assist residential and commercial property developers in the Redcliffe and Brisbane markets from site conception to ultimate delivery.


Our special niche (and personal love) are the Redcliffe Peninsula and near Brisbane city developments. We work with residential and commerical, primarily off-the-plan developments that are targeted to the owner occupier and investors.


Our experience and local expertise means we can create a specific marketing plan to ‘target market’ buyers ensuring you the optimal results for your project.


Through our fully vetted partnership arrangements we provide you with, a full suite of development management services. This includes feasibility studies, design and construction, to final settlement and every step in between.

Our one stop solution for marketing, sales and management of your special projects will provide you with a single point of responsibility for a fully coordinated outcome. There’s no need to ring around to different specialists and managers. We can take each step in the process in-house for you, increasing the time you have to spend on your project and ensuring you easy, optimal results.

Our tailored marketing strategy can include:

• Full project review, including design, finishes, inclusions and pricing
• Development timeline
• Area overview
• Existing and new local apartment market overview
• Current market conditions
• Marketing and sales strategy through pre-launch, launch and post-launch
• Anticipated target market
• Expected sales rates
• Professional fees

We have professional working relationships with:

• Financial Institutions
• Financial Planners
• Mortgage brokers
• Accountants
• Investment Strategists
• Buyers agents and Advisors


We’re the industry experts in property development sales and management. We’ve assisted with more than 27 projects and worked with 18 developers. Our team is comprised of highly skilled real estate professionals who have successful relationships with vetted industry professionals and can work with you from concept to completion.

Most importantly, we’re local to Redcliffe and Brisbane, we know the area and we understand how to sell property here. And we’re committed to getting you the optimal results every time.


Our Capabilities


• We’re licensed to act as a real estate agent.

• We’re a registered business compliant with the current requirements of Australian law.

• We specialise in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of a property on your behalf.

• We have access to dedicated resources which enable us to provide accurate and comprehensive property and project feasibility reports.

• We are specialists in analysing property in the area you are considering.

• Our extensive network gives us access to off market properties and projects.

• We’re well known and respected and successfully negotiate property transactions of all values and descriptions.

• We support and guide you through the complete process, from buying the initial undeveloped property to the capital realisation of the end product.

• We guarantee complete privacy throughout the entire process.

• When you engage our services we are legally and morally bound to get the best outcome for you and provide accurate information at all times.

• We communicate openly with you because we are working exclusively for you.

• We will save you precious time and money.

• We value trust and our integrity is paramount.